PATHy 2.1
Frequently Asked Questions.

PATHy shows weird visual artifacts on OS X 10.2+!

I am aware of that. It is a problem introduced in OS X 10.2, while I was using the older (10.1) compiler. If you want to run PATHy on OS X 10.2+, download the fixed application here.

PATHy keeps saying that the ICAO code cannot be found. I am using the apt.dat format x.y. What's wrong?

Almost each little X-Plane upgrade brings a new AptNav dat file set. The changes in the file format are not documented, so it's a bit hard to cope with all the various formats... if your file does not work, download the archive from the here.

MapShooter cannot see all the env files I have in my env folder!

MapShooter can only read env files with the "proper" file type. If your env file shows a plain white icon, you probably need to change the file type to "TEXT". You should also be able to open the file in WorldMaker and save it to upgrade the format. Use a tool like FileBuddy to change the file type.

All PATHy applications do not run because a missing Carbon lib !

I was unaware that the latest release of the IDE (the programming software) links to the very latest carbon library when run on MacOS X. You need at least System 9.0.4 and the latest carbon library from the Apple site:

PATHy is slow!

On older systems, dealing with the 110'000 records fo the navaid data files can slow down PATHy quite a bit. The solution is to create subsets of the apt/nav/fix data files - using Splicer. See the Splicer manual for further instructions.

PATHy crashes when I try to register!

This is a known bug that has sneaked by the final debug session. It happens only on certain system configurations. If you have troubles registering your copy, contact me asap!

PATHy does not print on Mac OS X!

This is a known bug. I am trying to solve this for the next maintenance release. Until then you should revert back to PATHy on the classic (9.1) envoronment!

PATHy does not run on my system!

Beware, PATHy 2 was written when X-Plane 4.67 was out running on MacOS 9. The code base was brought to MacOSX and is supported up to 10.2 (anything above is unsupported). It is also based on X-Plane 4.6 airport and nav data, so anything newer won't work at all.

Is there a demo?

Pathy runs as a shareware software. You can download and try it without registering. If you are satisfied and everything works fine, you can go and buy a unlocking code.