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About HabakukSoft

HabakukSoft is a division of the  Link to www.g-point.com g-point data architects gmbh. Our motivated and skilled development team is working closely with the customers of the g-point data architects gmbh web solution factory.

The problem:
during the analysis and data architecture process, we have seen many times the need for a specific functionality. Usually these functions are only found in huge and expensive commercial packages. Using them is expensive and has a steep learning curve.

The solution:
HabakukSoft is listening to you and your needs, and implements the required features in a individual, narrow targeted applications. Meaning, you get the functionality you need - and not a bloated, expensive and difficult to use tool. And you get a direct line to the dev team of your application too...

More detailed information about the broad range of services can be found in the respective section of this web.

Thank you for your interest!

Our mission
is to develop applications and tools that perfectly fit your needs. Our customized software/system does exactly what you want it to do, and keeping the features restricted to what you need leads to a moderate learning curve (neither steep nor long).

The publicly available software pieces on this site are most often spin offs from research for custom tailored apps.

We use the best suited technology to realize your solutions. Our team provides a pool of expertises, e.g. in DHTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, RB OOP, Perl, C++ , Lasso, Filemaker (Scripting and Plug-Ins), Flash and many more. And we provide solutions for all important platforms like Macintosh, Unix/Linux and Windows.

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