In brief - FMS II is a old, simple yet comprehensive armchair pilot logbook, featuring not only a comprehensive logbook, but several databases to lookup a vast amount of flight sim related information.

Who the heck might use FMS II ?
Almost anyone who's a flight enthusiast, advanced (sim) pilot, pilot student, virtual airline captain, fighter jocks...

Why should i log my flights ?
If you do so, you can summarize your flight activities, you can lookup how many hours you have been flying under VFR conditions in a particular plane. You could log your flights while designing an aircraft. Use FMS II to log any system failures you had in-flight, and describe detailed what you have done. Document this with screenshots. FMS let you do all those things and more. And filing a flight plan and going to debrief after landing makes you feel almost like a real pilot...

So, statistics is all i can do ?
No, certainly not. A lot of sim pilots just love to document their flights. Thanks to FMS II this is easy and convenient. Log your training flights and look them up later, search for every word in your flight records, plan a flight, search for airports/nav aids/fix points near your position... see the feature section for a extensive list of features.

Any more reasons to use FMS II ?
Lots ! The flight planning, the easy lookup of over 11000 airports with accurate runway data including ILS data, more than 28000 nav aids, an expandable aircraft database with very detailed aircraft data. The cargo section and the trip description section where you can include screenshots of your trip, along with detailed flight description. System failure log options for later reference and statistics. And there's more packed into FMS II...

Is a demo version available ?
Yes. See the download section

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