Dear Sysadmin. Tired of wasting your last drops of creativity with creating passwords for your user pools? We were. And we came up with a sleek solution:

KeyMiller 1, a convenient tool to stick within a certain realm of source words, apply a adjustable amount of scrambling and output the list of future passwords neatly into e.g. Excel.

Using public domain word lists, or supplying a specific world list of your choice or even have KeyMiller parse any text document, you have a wealth of words at hand without wasting a single neuron!

Admin a group of history classrooms? Use any historic paper a student wrote and create passwords like "C0ns*T1tu?1oN" in thousands. No creativity wasted!

Have script kiddies vandalizing your computer pools? Use subliminal messages in passwords - use trance induction word lists, apply the Script Kiddie filter and get deeply acting passwords like "c0olD0wn_k1d"

Download coming Soon

For MacOS X (10.3 and later),

KeyMiller developpment was unspeakably laborious. Cost of caffeine alone was over the edge. Reacting to the stupendous number of user requests, we have developped a ingenious licensing scheme:

Single seat $0
5 licences $0
25 licences $0
corporate (unlim.) $19'255
Donate $5

We can only improve upon KeyMiller in a way you like, if we know what you like... feedback welcome. (A donation magically increases your chance of bypassing my spam filter).

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