Dear armchair pilot, fellow nomad of the blue skies.

So, you have bought the hottest HOTAS you were able to find. So, you are quite proud of your real HUD hooked up to X-Plane by TCP/IP (you robbed a bank to buy that HUD, but it looks great indeed), your wife handed you a real fighter jock leather jacket, the day she left. All this suits your 5f-motion platform nicely.

But it is not really real enough!

Because... what is flying all about? It's playing with the weather. Good pilots survive many rounds of the game...

HabakukSoft proudly presents the missing link, the sugar cap to all your flight simulation efforts: Zeus-o-mat 1.0

Zeus-o-mat is a refreshingly simple tool to update your X-Plane weather in near real time. Zeus-o-mat downloads raw METAR data from the internet, processes the data and writes out a X-plane real weather input file.

To keep memory profile low, you can tell Zeus-o-mat to extract a certain subset of aIrports from the raw data collection. Not that this is a common strategy these days... but why waste RAM, if you can do without the waste?

 MacOS X (10.3+)
[4 MB dmg]

[3.2 MB zip]

Zeus-o-mat developpment was born after a long flight over Red Lake, Ontario, Canada, while on duty for dESPair airline. The flights in my Antonov AN-2 (nickname: Waterpipe) are expensive. But if I would not have been up there, in the open skies, there would be no Zeus-o-mat. Help me get up again! Pick the license you like best and register the application:

Single seat $0
5 licences $0
25 licences $0
corporate (unlim.) $9'230
Donate $5

We can only improve Zeus-o-mat in a way you like, if we know what you like... feedback welcome. (A donation magically increases your chance of bypassing my spam filter).

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