Secure online shopping: HabakukSoft has teamed up with the secure Online-Shop This provides you with a convenient, fast and secure way of buying and registering your applications.

Use one of the following links to buy or register software from HabakukSoft:

Macintosh Software

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All Platforms (Mac/Win/Linux)

Some of our applications have a built-in, secure transaction engine which allows you to register and activate the applications through eSellerate without using a browser. Products registered through this engine are automatically and instantly activated.

All shareware applications may be used up to 30 days without registering. After this period, you decide if you further want to use them or not. After buying a licence, you will receive your personal unlock key by e-mail.

all freeware applications are provided as is. No support is warranted and you use the software at your own risk.

Commercial software is usually custom built. You will receive the unlocked software after buying, by CD (snail mail) or via a individual download link,.